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17 - 18 June 2023

Event Travel Notes

Solent Sky Visitor Information

More details on exhibitors to follow soon!

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The Tramway Arms - ¾ Scale – Simon Cole

  • The Tramway Arms is a modular layout built to the large scale of 1:16, (3/4"=one foot). The track gauge is 3.5 inches wide, and the layout sets out to recreate the street running scenes of the first generation of British tramways. The tram models are accurate examples of prototypes that once ran in cities such as Portsmouth and Southampton. The models collect their operating power (24v max) from the overhead wire in a similar fashion to the real trams that these models are based upon. The layout is operated by members of the Sussex, Solent and West of England Area Groups of the Tramway and Light Railway Society, who will be pleased to answer any questions you may have.

Gordon Bartlet - ¾ Scale

  • This layout is also built to the large scale of 1:16, (3/4"=one foot), but is narrow gauge using a track gauge of 2⅝”. There will be a number of models running including Bournemouth 85, Poole 3, Taunton 6, Exeter 16, Llandudno 4 and Karachi 103. Some of these trams run using live overhead others are battery powered.

Florin Street - 4mm – Andy Burrows

  • Florin Street is an attempt to capture the feel of Leeds Tramways around Sovereign Street in the years 1948-54. During this time the Corporation fleet consisted of over 400 tramcars, with a large variety of types, including rebuilt and experimental cars, and second-hand examples from Hull, London, Manchester, Southampton and Sunderland. In this post-war era, the livery was changed from blue to red, with many variations applied to the fleet, giving Leeds one of the most diverse and interesting fleets in the UK. This event may be the last outing for this layout.

Whiteleaf – G (1:22.5) – Adrian Nicholes

  • The Whiteleaf Tramway is our attempt in an indoor setting, to show a G Scale garden tramway. It is built to G Scale which is 1:22.5 and using 45mm gauge track, represents a metre gauge or three-foot gauge tramway.

  • The layout is owned by the Buckinghamshire Garden Railway Society and the trams by Society members.

  • It portrays a tramway that runs through the streets and then sets off through the countryside. This was very common in Europe, carrying both passengers and freight between communities.

Leyburn Avenue - 4mm – Alan Kirkman

  • A layout depicting part of the Blackpool tramway.

Tramway Museum Town – 4mm – Brian Robinson

  • The layout runs trams which are models of some of the preserved trams in the country, and many of the buildings have been rescued from towns around England, including Southampton, Fordingbridge and York.

Jastra - 2 – HO (3.5mm scale) – Andrew Hunt

  • This metre gauge (12mm track gauge) layout represents a freelance continental small suburban centre with a circular route from the main city situated some distance behind the layout, and a small three track depot situated on the track at the rear of the layout.

  • Trams are mainly 4 & 6 axle. Museum and works cars, which are mainly 2 & 4 axle, have several outings along the tracks. Especially look out for the overhead cleaner/track scrubber.

Kew Bridge – OO – Terry Mcelarney

  • On the 4th April 1901 electric trams first ran on the streets of London. To mark the centenary, the Thames Valley group of the TLRS built this working model of the terminus of that first service, at Kew Bridge. The area modelled is that part of Kew Bridge Road between the waterworks and the railway station, and the period covers the whole of the tramway era here from 1901 to 1935 when trolleybuses took over.

Thomas Childrens layout – OO – Southampton Model Railway Society

  • Thomas The Tank Engine model railway layout that can be operated by the public under supervision of club members.

Somewhere in France – OO – Peter Capon

  • World War I narrow gauge railway behind the lines. It includes troops being brought up to the line, a field hospital, a tank being repaired, field kitchen & stores depot and a London bus converted into a pigeon loft.

90 Pence Railway – N – Roger Hampshire

  • ’90 Pence layout’ Based on a small town in Germany, built in a display case. Individual switches (which children operate) to start/stop the train, the cable cars, street and blue lights. Lots of items for children to look for. Purchased on eBay for 90 pence.

  • ‘Mountain Railway’ A small circular layout with train running around a mountain, which is started by pressing a button and train runs and then stops after a few laps. To be restarted by next member of public.

West Porton – OO – David Wood

  • We see the busy interchange at Woodvale, West Porton, where the town’s tramway replacement programme is in full swing - all but the last few tram routes have been replaced by trolleybuses. Track-lifting has started, but trams and trolleybuses are still working side-by-side, as was the case in many other British cities during the changeover. The Metro is also a relic of a bygone era, but new rolling stock is promised for the near future and a general face-lift plus modernisation of stations. This is typically what we might have seen all over Britain in the 1970’s and 80’s if trams, trolleybuses and ‘light railways’ had made it through the 1960s cull in other cities. On ‘Museum’ days we also see trolleybuses from other cities running for the public as well, following the replacement of trolleybuses by diesel buses in their home towns. But Porton has the last laugh, as once again the public are turning to electric traction as a serious move away from dependence upon fossil fuels!

  • Includes scratch-built working trolleybuses, trams and a metro train.

Society Stalls

Hampshire Industrial Archaeology Society (HIAS)

  • The HIAS is an active group whose membership has an interest in all aspects of Hampshire's Industrial Archaeology. Our activities have included surveys of mills, breweries, brickworks, etc., as well as restoration and preservation. Visits to places of IA interest are also arranged and we host and participate in IA conferences. We have published several monographs and have an annual Journal, in addition to Focus, a half yearly newsletter.

Bitterne Local History Society

  • “A society dedicated to studying and researching the history of Southampton in general, but with particular reference to the City areas east of the River Itchen – Bitterne, Bitterne Park, Harefield, Itchen, Merry Oak, Midanbury, Peartree, Sholing, Thornhill, Townhill Park, Weston and Woolston.”

  • They will be selling books, postcards and ephemera.

Tramway & Light Railway Society – Book sales and information

  • The TLRS caters for tram and light rail interests in all their forms and is the leading Society in the field of tramway modelling. We publish a magazine "Tramfare" and our various Area Groups hold meetings regularly throughout the country.

  • We will also be showing part of our collection of large scale models (1:16 scale).

Brighton Tram 53 Society

  • Brighton Corporation Tramways ran for 38 years from 1901 until 1939, of the 116 tram cars built by the Corporation at their Lewes Road Depot, only 1, number 53, still survives. Number 53 was built in 1937 and after only 2 years of running, was sold to a West Sussex farm where she remained until the 1970s.

  • The Society was formed in 2010 to restore this local, unique, historic vehicle.

  • They will have information about the restoration as well as selling books, models, railway models etc and a small working tram layout.

Southampton & District Transport Heritage Trust

  • Will be bringing a vintage bus as well as selling Books and other small transport items

Police & Fire team – Alan House – selling a selection of books, models and tools.

Southampton Tram Project – in the tram shed.

  • Selling a selection of books, models and second-hand items to raise funds for the restoration of the trams.

Trade Stalls

KW Trams

  • Selling model tram and road vehicle kits in OO and O gauges.

TLRS Estates Service

  • Selling second-hand models, books and other transport related items

National Trolleybus Association

  • Selling a large range of bus, tram and trolleybus books along with other transport related books

Ron Lines

  • Sales stand from the well-known Southampton model shop

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